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List of Waxes

Gel Wax: Gel Wax is being use in decorative candles and also knows as transparent candles. People use shell and other products to decorate those products.

Paraffin Wax: Paraffin wax comes in category of petroleum waxes, Derived from Petroleum Waxes which come in the category of slack wax. Paraffin wax is available in various melting points and oil contents. Paraffin Wax is also refer to the Semi Refined Paraffin Wax and Fully Refined Paraffin Wax.

Bees Wax : Natural Wax is also heading by bees wax .Bees wax is also derived from Honey Bees and which process by the farmers and then filtered for the manufacturing cosmetics , pharmaceuticals and other products. Bees wax is also known as the oldest wax in the World. Bees wax is also be known as ancient wax.

Palm wax: Vegetable Wax these waxes can be obtained from the palm oil by the hydrogenation of Palm oil and different levels.

Soy Wax : Vegetable Wax These waxes we have two types one is hard soy wax which comes in Flakes form and second one is soft soy wax which come in slab form.

Emulsifying Wax:Emulsifying wax which is being use in hair removing cream and shaving cream and other pharmaceutical products.

Residue Wax: Residue wax is obtained by the pressing of slack wax. Paraffin wax is obtain which is left behind is known as residue wax.

Ozokerite Wax: Ozokerite wax is use in cosmetics worldwide.

Micro Crystalline Wax: Micro Crystalline Wax is come is Yellow and white form in slabs.

Micro Wax: Micro Wax is also known as Micro Crystalline Wax.

Shellac Wax: Shellac Wax is obtained from shellac trees. it is also known as vegetable waxes.

Polyethylene Wax: Polyethylene wax is manufactured by the process of Polymerization of Polymer. PE Wax comes in various form flakes, powder and micronized powder.

Montana Wax: Montana waxes uses in Carbon Paper , Casting.

Hydro Carbon Wax: Processing aid in rigid PVC industries comes in flakes and granules form.

Rice Bran Wax: Rice Bran wax manufactured from Rice.

Sunflower Wax: Sunflower wax is source from sunflower plant.

Carnauba Wax: Carnauba wax is also known as Queen of Waxes. This comes in three forms lumps, powder, flakes and pastilles. Carnauba Wax come in three types known as filtered prime yellow T-1, Refined Light Fatty T-3 , Filtered Fatty Grey T-4.

Animal Wax: Animal wax is many types.

Vegetable Wax: Vegetable wax is very basic term . It it self defines that the waxes which are being source from Vegetables origin or the agriculture source , like sunflower wax , soy or soya wax , Rice Bran Wax , Jojoba Wax , Palm wax and many other waxes.

Fruit Coating Wax: Fruit coating wax help to increase the shelf life of the fruit and vegetables.

Rust Preventive Wax: This wax is being use for the product which is being dipped or sprayed and being used later stage.

Sugar Cane Wax: Sugarcane wax it is being derived from sugar cane.

Ceresin Wax: It is being use in cosmetics ingredient. Ceresin wax melting point. Ceresin wax msds (material safety data sheet) is available on the request.

Cheese Coating Wax: Helps to increase the shelf life of cheese. Wax can be use by the dipping of cheese into the melted wax.

Chewing Gum Wax : It is being used in Chewing Gum Industry.

Oxidized Polyethylene Wax: Help for making emulsion and flow due to the acid value in the OPE (Oxidized polyethylene wax).

Fisher Tropch Wax : Wax comes into different melting points.

Investment Casting Wax: It is being used for the making casting and designing of the product.

Silicon Wax : Use for cosmetics applications

Sticky Wax : Help is coating of articles

Wax Emulsions : Wax emulsions use in MDF , Particle size boards and other articles.

Anti Ozone Wax: Anti Ozone wax helps in the ozone production of the layer of tier from the sun protection .

Wax Polish or Polish Wax: Floor Polish and Shoe Polish are its makor types it can be done into various forms and major other applications . Wax polish can be in liquid form or like the emulsion

Petroleum Jelly: Cosmetics applications and ointments.

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